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Big Fruits

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With Big Fruits fruiting is raised by up to 25% thanks to the higher auxin production in the bud's tips. As a result the plant's capacity to absorb nutrients is higher. Higher nutritional needs lead to better fruiting with higher yields. Big Fruits gives the fruits an intense, natural flavor. The essential oils contained in Big Fruits have an immunizing effect and protect the plants from fungal disease and predators like mites. Big Fruits ties down excess lime in water and limits the risk of nutrient burns.
By stimulating and supporting the micro flora within the growing media, Big Fruits reduces the risk of heat shocks when temperatures peak above 35°C.
Big Fruits also has a positive effect on the cell structure of plants which makes fruits more compact.

Thanks to the highest concentration possible (dilution: 1:500 – 1:1000), Big Fuits is much more favorable than other bloom stimulators in stores. Also available as concentrate.


Shake well before every use!
Big Fruits can be added to other nutrients and supplements as part of the nutrient solution. Apply with every watering as soon as bud sites appear.
For watering as a nutrient solution:
1- 2 ml per 1 Liter of water
Feed the plants regularly. Stop using Big Fruits about a week before harvest and continue watering with pH corrected water only. Big Fruits can be used in any growing media and with any nutrients.

Big Fruits is available in the following sizes:

  • 50ml bottle (nur als Konzentrat)
  • 100ml bottle
  • 250ml bottle
  • 500ml bottle
  • 1l bottle
  • 5l canister
  • 10l canister

All Green Buzz Liquids products are 100% organic.
Green Buzz Liquids products can be used with any growing media.

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