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Clean Fruits

Plant aid for rinsing out all nutrients fast and thoroughly

With Clean Fruits all unwanted nutrients are rinsed from the growing media fast and thorough from the first application. Your fruits are able to reach a far better taste thanks to a well flushed growing media. Desalination of the media and the plants guarantees a mild taste with no trace of nutrients as often witnessed with commercially grown bud.

Clean Fruits can be used as a replacement for enzymes during the normal life cycle to evade possible nutrient blockages in the media.
Signs of nutrient burns can be treated fast and effectively with Clean Fruits.


For flushing out all nutrients during the last week(s) of flowering:
2 ml pro Liter Wasser
Die Pflanzen regelmäßig bei jedem Gießvorgang mit der dreifachen Volumenmenge des Mediums durchspülen. Wenn die Blätter ihre Blattfärbung zur Hälfte verloren haben, ist eine weitere Anwendung nicht mehr notwendig.

As enzyme replacement:
2ml per 1Liter of water
Water the plants once every 2 weeks. This will dissolve possible nutrient blockage in the growing media.

Curing toxic nutrient conditions:
5ml per 1Liter of water
Flush the plants with Clean Fruits until natural color comes back.

Clean Fruits is available in the following sizes:

  • 100ml bottle
  • 500ml bottle
  • 1l bottle
  • 5l canister
  • 10l canister

All Green Buzz Liquids products are 100% organic.
Green Buzz Liquids products can be used with any growing media.

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