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Fast Plants Spray

For faster and better results in crop production.
Specially developed for all seedlings, clones, young and mother-plants

Applying Fast Plants Spray directly to the foliage of plants with little to no roots developed is a convenient way of providing nutrients and stimulators where they are most needed. This spares the young root system of high nutrient concentrations. Thanks to the raised assimilation plants produce more CO2 and grow measurably faster.


We recommend spraying the underside of the leafs shortly before or after the lights go on.
Seedlings: Spray once every 2 days
Clones: Spray once every 3 days
Young plants: Spray one every 5 days
Mother plants: Spray once 3 days before and three after cutting the plant.

Fast Plants Spray is available in the following sizes:

  • 100ml bottle
  • 250ml bottle
  • 1l bottle
  • 5l canister
  • 10l canister

All Green Buzz Liquids products are 100% organic.
Green Buzz Liquids products can be used with any growing media.

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